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Re: The bill by e-mail
Thanks, we just save a few trees each years. 🌳
Re: videotron email
Hi Forest B, Am I right by understanding that you don't want to use the email address you have, but you want another one ending in Videotron. CA?In that case, just connect yourself in your customer center and choose "Internet".Then look at the E-Mail section and choose "MANAGE YOUR VIDEOTRON E-MAIL ACCOUNT".You can, there, create a secondary email address, in fact up to 6 ones. I hope it helped you. Have a nice dayDominique 
Re: Going over my data plan
Hi Duudette, First let me reassure you. Thanks to a law from the CRTC which have was  implemented at Vidéotron, your data will be blocked if you spend for 50$  over your data plan in Canada or 100$ in Europe for exemple. So you hopefully will not have a crazy bill.  But if you want, and usually it's a good idea, you can use an option in your iPhone to disable the data when you're not in Canada. Go in the settings, choose cellular network then options and deactivate the data Roaming. And if you want you can look at the new option we have at Vidéotron : the daily traveller pass (http://www.videotron.com/residential/mobile/travel#/tab/cat3700012) it allows you to use your data like in Canada when you're in an other country.  I hope it will help you. Feel free to ask us if there's any question you have.  Have a nice day!Dominique