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Request to get GO Apps for Helix users

I switched from bell to videotron, with the promise to have a better experience. The internet so far is great, no complaints, also the tv system works really good.
But I have another tv with an Apple TV and I was surprised to see that none of the apps work with videotron/helix (ctv, citytv, global, fx) on bell I used to have them for free, given that I have them on my channels choices.
It’s also not available a Helix app for the Appletv, and the iPhone app doesn’t allow to airplay the content.

YES! This is a very annoying issue. I had illico before switching to Helix and with illico I had access to all the Go apps (which include bonus content at times).
Please make this available to Helix users ASAP.

I’ve also been asking about this ever since I signed up for Helix back in September. I even asked specifically if I would still have access to the content thru the crave app before signing on and I was told yes , but that was a lie.

Having said that, I just tried thru the crave app and used my helix information and I seem to be able to access all the content. I don’t know if it’s finally fixed or if it’s still part of that free trial they were running and it’s a glitch. I’m cautiously happy until it’s confirmed.

WoW, ok you have left this message in April, and it is now June. And Videotron has yet to give an answer to this question? I called to see if I could go back to just basic Illico to get the CTV stuff back and I was told NO! I demand an answer from Videotron! Cause the competition has it all, and they are looking really good right about now. I was promised alot of things when I switched to Helix,  and yes the Internet speed is better, But I would gladly take a cut in speed to beable to get what I want. I mean I pay for these channels! I should beable to watch them on streaming!


And just in case VIdeotron personelle have not seen this yet, this came right from the crave site


The CTV Sci-Fi channel app is provided to:


Bell: 1-888-759-3474 or
Bell Aliant: 1-866-FIBREOP (1-866-342-7367) or
Bell MTS: 1-204-CALL-MTS (204-225-5687)
Cogeco: 1-855-701-4881
Eastlink: 1-888-345-1111 (24/7) or Live Chat or email can be launched
EBOX: 1-844-323-EBOX (3269)
HuronTEL: 1-877-395-3800
Rogers: 1-888-764-3771
Ruralwave: 1-866-930-3846
SaskTel: 1-800-SASKTEL (1-800-727-5835) or
Shaw: 1-888-472-2222 or
Source Cable: 1-866-785-7851 or 1-866-434-5888
Tbaytel: 1-800-264-9501
Telus: 310-6988

If your provider is not listed, please contact them and let them know you are interested.