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Stay connected with Videotron : Ask Me Anything


Stay connected with Videotron : Ask Me Anything



During this isolation period, the need to stay connected is stronger than ever and Videotron wants to answer as many questions as possible.


From April 6 to 15, join our discussion.

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Is it possible to self install Helix? We’ve been working from home for 3 weeks and will be for the foreseeable future and we keep hitting slowdowns with our current 60mbps plan due to lots of video chats and file exchanges.

I contacted customer service and they said they can’t do any installs, but installing equipment if I already have videotron has previously been plug and play.

Does helix require some sort of actual installation? Or can you just plug the modem/router into the cable line? If it’s the latter, would it possible to order the Helix kit and self install?

It would be better for both Videotron and the customer if this was an option.

Right now, helix 400 is advertised at $70/month, when I contacted customer service, they said all they could do is update my current plan to 100mbps for over $80/month, which is insane.



Since switching from Illico to Helix, HBO-Crave monthly Videotron subscribers lost their access to crave.ca

Can we expect this to be fixed? And if so, when can we expect this to be fixed?

With confinement asked from all of us, can this be fixed as soon as possible? It would greatly help our situation. Thank you.

Hello uk1988,

We are currently prioritizing new installations and network upkeeps to ensure essential services to our customers, please contact us in private so that we can give you more information on your future service migration to Helix.

Have a nice day!


Wifi calling keeps dropping calls after a minute or so...consistently drops phone calls. I have super fast wifi (500mbs down/20mbs up). So my wifi is strong and fast. When I was with Telus the wifi calling works fine at my home. Is this a Known videoTron issue or do you have any suggesting a on how I can make videotron wifi calling more stable at my house? Thanks.

When is the mobile phone network going to be functional again?  Your support agents keep saying there is no "problem" yet every day 8-9 out of 10 outgoing calls from our phones don't work.  This is unacceptable for a business solution for which you are charging us money.  Either give us a service that works or don't charge us.  You should also be communicating to your clients (business at least) what the status of the issue is and when it will be resolved.  We shouldn't have to spend out time calling you and waiting on the phone only to be told there is no problem.  If I wanted this kind of service I'd go back to bell.

Hello Yamman,
We are prioritizing a current fix which should be deployed in the following weeks. Stay tuned!

Hello Sherif,

Our network is currently operating normally and calls between Videotron subscribers are not affected by this situation. Calls to any other number hosted by another provider may not go through. Rest assured, all stakeholders in the telecommunications industry are currently working together to rectify the situation.

Will videotron be offering unlimited data packages that cross borders this fiscal year?


Channel 607 loss of sound for 10-20 seconds at various times

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