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Wifi calling

My video Tron Wi-Fi calling consistently cuts out after one or a few minutes on a phone call. When I was with Telus the Wi-Fi calling worked fine. I have superfast home Internet. 500 MB Per second down and 20 MB per second up. Is this Wi-Fi calling issue just a knownproblem with videetron or do you have any suggestions and tips that I can try to make my Wi-Fi calling more stable at my house? The calls are crystal clear, and I’m usually sitting in one spot, and then all of a sudden the call drops...pretty much always. Thanks for your help.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi @morneau,


To help you out here, we would need to confirm few details with you.


1. Is the OS on your phone up-to-date?


2. If you have a dual-band Wifi router, did you try the Wifi calling on both Wifi  2.4 and 5 GHz bands? Depending on your


3. Have you tried restarting your phone  or, as a last resort to restore the phone?  For instance, you could try to disable the Wifi calling option, restart your phone then enable Wifi calling back. 


4. Have you noticed any issues with the Wi-Fi connection on the phone (the connection may be resetting)? For instance, the Wifi connection's indicator or the Wifi-calling symbol disappears? 


Most mobile phone have an option to reset the network settings, this could also be possible solution.  You will then have to reconnect your phone to your Wifi network manuellement since all mobile, Wifi and bluetooth related settings will be reset. 


For any difficulty,  we certainly recommend to contact our technical support for further troubleshooting :

Have you found what the problem was?