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Where to file complaints regarding misinformation from Satisfaction Department agents?


Where to file complaints regarding misinformation from Satisfaction Department agents?

As a long time customer I'm beginning to lose faith in Videotron every year especially with their customer service practices.


After a very frustrating day of having a quote generated by one satisfaction agent and then only to be told by subsequent agents that they will not honor it, where can I file a complaint regarding these agents for misinformation?


Additionally how could I escalate the situation? I was told by one of the last agents that a supervisor would contact however I'm not confident that they actually will...

Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Keif,


We are sorry to read about the situation.


You can send us your contact information in private and an agent will call you back in a few moment.  



Even worse here I am at 8:30pm, trying to deal with your satisfaction department AGAIN for the 6th time today because somehow my old mobile just got unprovisioned. Someone on your end has cancelled my old SIM and tried to change my plan even I though I never agreed.

I would like to report back that I was finally able to get through to a supervisor who fully understood the situation and was able to undo the changes from the previous agents. The old SIM was reactivated and the phone worked again.


She then took over in the account changes (as per the original quote) and fully honored it. In the subsequent days she followed-up and ensured the new phone was shipped and the new plan was activated, and addressed all my additional questions relating to this miscommunication between the agents.


Thank you to Annie (supervisor) and the Social team for following up and resolving all of this.

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