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pricing questions


Hello Its my first post here and I'm in the market for a new phone(and potentially a new carrier) Im in Ottawa and i dont travel often.  Im considering the Note 8 and I like the $66 6GB promo plan and I was wondering would I be paying $449.95 or $599.95 or would I pay it outright??


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Moderator - Solution Expert



The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 costs $449.95 with a monthly plan of at least $89.95 before taxes or $599.95 with a $79.95 plan. With the 6 GB plan, the device would cost $839.95. Otherwise, its retail price is $1299.95. 


To get a quote for a new service, do not hesitate to contact us by chat or by phone or go to a Videotron store. 


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If you have not bought the phone yet, check to see which one will be best for you between the Note8 and the S8+.  As for the size the Note is 6.3 and the S8+ 6.2, the battery is larger on the S8+


If you have acquired the Note8 already, do you mind posting your findings on this post: Note8 Smart Focus ?