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Partner network data connectivity issues


Partner network data connectivity issues

When I roam on to a partner network (usually partner1), i sometimes get a "x" on my signal bar. it works for text and phone calls, but not for data. I have to restart my phone 5-6 times before the "x" goes away and the data works. I have a Nexus 6P and it is fully up to date. What is going on?

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@choptliva wrote:

I have the same problem.  Soon as I leave the Videotron network area, whether I am on the 401, Toronto, or in the US, as long as it's some partner network, I lose mobile data connection.  Sometimes if I restart my phone, I get data back.  But after a while it would drop again.  I don't want to have to restart my phone repeatedly to use mobile data when not on Videotron.  It is very inconvenient.  Can someone help please?

do you have data roaming enabled? 


that said, I have an iPhone X with the latest LTE/VoLTE sim from Videotro. I never had any issue with data on the partner network or while using my device in the USA. 

I have enabled data roaming, yes.

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@choptliva wrote:

I have enabled data roaming, yes.

which phone do you have? 


you shouldn't have any problem with "roaming" in Canada or elsewehre in the world if data roaming is enable... unless some bands are not available on your device. (the 700MHz bands are really usufull in some rural part of the USA and some part in Canada to get the best coverage).


I do have some issues sometimes on the 401 between Montreal and GTA... but that's with all providers (my co-worker on Bell has issues too). But besides that, me and my wife never had any issues in Ontario (ex in the GTA) or for all of our travels in the USA (Mainly Buffalo, Syracuse, Net York City, Boston, Albany NY, San Francisco, Las Vegas... ).

This was mainly with iPhones (6s, 7 or X).

I've recently went to Las Vegas and I was using heavily my device during that time... data and calls were perfect (somtimes on T-Mobile... other times on AT&T).... speed were not extremely fast... but it was most of the time in the 15-20mbits range minimum. 


I am having the same issue, that when the phone switches to the partner network sometimes I lose service alltogether sometimes it is just the data that drops.  The only way to get it to come back is to turn airplain mode on and off and if that doesn't work reboot my phone.  I just spoke to a rep via the chat and they told me that the solution is to turn airplain mode on and off or reboot my phone.  That isn't really a viable option to be doing that multiple times a day.  Where I live it is right on the border of videotron and partner network so my phone is constantly switching between the 2 and on multiple occasions I have had no service at all. 


Has anyone found a good solution to this problem yet? 


I have a co worker that doesn't have any issues when switching between networks but his wife does. He has a iphone and his wife an android phone.  I have a new iphone 8 Plus so we were able to rule out it being isolated to just iphone or android, could it be a sim card issue?



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yes it could be a sim card issue... 

do you have one of the newer LTE/VoLTE/NFC sim card (it came in a big yellow card)?


no issue on my iPhone X (which have the same CPU/Modem compared to your iPhone 8), my wife no issue on her iPhone 7 (has a newer yellow sim card) and my bother no issue on his iPhone 6s (old LTE sim card). 


do you have the network set to automatic? 

do you have the latest iOS version installed with the latest operator file download?

For the operator file, go to settings, general, information... when connected to the Videotron mobile network, it will ask you to update the operator config if there's a new one available. (Check the Operator line... I believe it should be at least Videotron 32.1).



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Hi choptliva and MJS613! Like mentioned by zadigre, you can verify if your phone is well configured but in any case, we strongly suggest you reach our technical department for further investigation: < >. Thank you.

I am new to Videotron and having issues as well connecting to PRTNR1 when I visited 1000 islands this morning. I could make phone calls but could not access data with full bars of service with my old iphone 6s plus. Before calling the technical spport, I turned off my phone several times, but it did not work. Then I called technical support, they asked to turn off the "autimatic" network selection and chose PRTNR2. It worked for a while, but on the way back, the phone had no data connection again, I had to manually choose Videotron to connect to the network. This is not acceptable. I hope Videotron can find a solution to this issue.

I am also experiencing data roaming issues, on all 4 devices in my family, all with SIM cards obtained from Videotron 3 weeks ago. Apple iPhones 6 & 6s.

In the US last week, got Only phone on AT&T, but 3G or LTE if manually selected T-Mobile. Currently in Peterborough area, getting no data on PRTNR1 (Rogers?) but seeing LTE connection indicator on PRTNR2 (Bell?). Regardless, cannot actually use data on PRTNR2.

This is unacceptable, and I will need to terminate our contract and request refund if it cannot be fixed this week.

Yep, add me to the list. Coverage between Toronto and Ottawa, and really anywhere in the Ottawa Valley (Carleton Place, Arnprior, Pembrooke, etc.) is embarassing.


Yes, I have data roaming enabled on my iPhone 7 and this problem began immediately when I switched from Rogers to Videotron. I have the least reliable internet of my friends or family when I leave the Ottawa core.


It's nice to save a few bucks, but if you can't provide service outside of Ottawa then this should be immediately clear when signing up for Videotron! I'd much rather pay more to get reliable service.

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it's weird that you are having all sorts of problem with data "roaming" either in Canada or elsewhere in the world. 

I've used my device a few times between Montreal and Toronto... and also everywhere on the road between Montreal and Buffalo/Boston/New York/Washington DC/Syracuse or when lending in Las Vegas or San Francisco. 

I never had a single issue with my iPhone X and iPhone 7... and it's working well also on my wife's iPhone 7 Plus. 

Maybe there's someting different with our plans or sim card? we both have a Canada/USA plan that we both got some time ago and the newest sim card. 

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