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iPhone X Delivery Times


iPhone X Delivery Times

I ordered my phone on 4 November and has yet to arrive. Has anyone who ordered a iPhone X get their phones delivered?


If I buy one off right now, it will be delivered on 11 December.

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i get mine november 3rd. cross your finger to get befor 2018 =/

Did you get it in store? My understanding is anyone who ordered it, has not got them yet.


When will we be getting our phones?!

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Hello Kango, 


You will receive your iPhone X as soon as possible, but we still do not have a specific date to give you. Be assured that you will receive a call when we will have a delivery date for you.


Thank you and have a nice day!

Why does every other provider have shorter delivery times?


If I ordered my phone last week from Apple, I’d have my phone by next week. I ordered my phone from you guys over a month ago!

Freedom Mobile offered iPhone pre-orders on November 24 and available in store on December 8.


What is Videotrons excuse? You had pre-orders almost a full month ahead of Freedom.

I’m sure there has to be a better answer than this canned response. When will there be a supply of the iPhone X? I would really like to get this phone before Christmas, especially if it will be available from apple directly by next week!

i ordered mine on november 7th and it's not delivered yet.

Whenever i asked videotron agents / employee at the kiosk, all of their answers were "we dont know the exact date, you need to wait. sorry" 


My other friend with bell went to the kiosk and Bell had enough supply so he got it right away and now im still like "when is it coming?" this is so annoying.

how can delivery take up to a full month? 


videotron should work harder !

Kiosk guy originally told me in a week after I ordered it. Then I called customer service 2 weeks after I ordered it and they told me I should have it in a week. Another lie. Then I called again and they said they have no idea when I will get my phone. But I will have it by 31 January!!! Can you believe that?!


Apparently the solution to this problem is to wait. Great way to show first time customers how this company operates.

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