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iPhone eSIM support

Hope videotrom can support eSIM on iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. Which means I don’t need a real sim from videotron to on my iPhone. That would help me a lot when I travelling around the world.

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I hope they will do it... esim support is necessary to support the Apple Watch.

sadly, no plan for this now... when asking, we usually get the “we were looking into it” canned reply.


Very disappointed in Videotron !!!

Is Videotron eSim ready now? I want to use 2 account ya in my XR

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@RCT wrote:
Is Videotron eSim ready now? I want to use 2 account ya in my XR

no eSIM support yet... 

More than 2 years and no esim. Maybe need wait other 2 years?

What a shame! I see messages since 2018. It’s been 6 years and no solution. Almost all new phones come with esim now but it is not supported at Videotron. Is there any plan for 2024? I am seriously considering changing my mobile provider with release of iphone 16. I will move my plan to whichever one provides it. Please share your plans for eSim technology

Hello huseyingultekin ! We do take note of the interest of our clients for this technology, and it's something we are looking into.