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Incoming call display


I changed my phone (from LG to Pixel 5) and it looks that I lost an important feature for me

On LG while I was receiving a call it displayed the last time I was in contact with that number (even if that number was not in my contacts list and even if last time we were in contact was 6 months ago) or the first line of the last text message that we changed. But with Pixel 5 it is not displayed


Does anyone know if this can be activated from settings or it is a phone feature, since I am using the same number and the same provider (Videotron), so it can not be from the provider???




Super utilisateur
Super utilisateur

It's most likely a feature of the phone application LG was using.

I changed to google phone app on my Oneplus phone. ,it showed name just fine. Download this phone app and try.


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Most likely this has to do with LG's mobile UI.

Since I am using the same number and service provider test (Videotron), could this be a phone feature, and since I might be using the same settings, could it possibly be a phone feature?