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Blocking incoming international calls


Is there a way to block all incoming international calls? With my G4 I used to be able to put in (for example) "+1 302" and that would block any call from that area code. I now have an Xperia XA1 Ultra and that does not seem to work. I get multiple "google listing" calls every day from the US and I'm sick of having to clear the notifications and voice messages.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert



We can certainly understand the inconvenience. Unfortunately, it does not seem possible to block a specific area code with this model. You would have to add the full telephone number. However, the phone call rejected  will still be forwarded to the voicemail service.  As an alternative, you might want to look for third-party call block apps that may offer additional features and can be downloaded from the Play Store app. 


We also recommend that you add your phone number to the "National do not call list", which can help reduce the volume of calls. Additional information about unwanted calls and the registration to this list can be found here: