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agent cancel my order

I ordered the iphone 12 pro max on Dec 26 and was told that I should be getting within 2 weeks ( that is maximum as no customer had to wait that long). I cheked on 6th Jan for the status and was told that phone is in pre order but official date is 11 Jan and i understand there can be delays with the order.

I again checked on 12th then I was told i would be getting my phone  same day (12th ) or otherwise till Fri( 15th) . I again checked with them on 14th Thursday then i was told that they have no idea when I will get my phone and waited for an hour just to speak with the supervisor he informed previous 3 agents made mistake and he has no idea where they got the information ( but they are getting inventory on 18th). I checked again on 22nd JAn to get status ( was very frustrated and said it should be better if i cancel my account because of the really bad customer service). he gave me number to call to cancel account but that is way of expression .

when i checked again today on 27th JAn i was told that last agent cancelled my order and they cannot correct  it neither the manager. ( i might to wait another month or so if I order again) I did not cancel nor gave my consent to cancel my order. I do not understand how they can cancel without my acknowledgement 


I also filed complaint on the 14th Jan for lack of informative customer service ( as I was being provided wrong information 3-4 times for which no one ever contacted me. 



Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi ishdeolk,


We are sorry for your bad experience. This is not the kind of service we wish to offer to our customers. We will contact you in a private message.


Thank you!