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Samsung Galaxy S22

HI I have a Samsung Galaxy S22;  and videotron internet services

The Helix Fi installed without any issue; but the Helix TV app won't install.

I've tried remove and re-installing several times.

The error message says:

"lets try that again: 500. We aren't able to add your device. Please verify that you have a working internet

connection and we'll give it another go. Sorry for the inconvenience".


However, the phone is connected directly to the Videotron internet service.


Does anyone have suggestions?



I have the same problem and I can't fix it

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Do you both have an active subscription to Helix TV either with a terminal or a Helix TV app plan?  If there is no TV service registered to your Helix account aside from the internet service, the Helix TV streaming app will not recognize your Helix ID when you try to log in and may display this error.


If you do have a Helix TV subscription, do you get a similar error when using the web version on a computer from


You could also try to clear the mobile app's data and cache:
- Open the Settings app
- Choose Apps
- Choose the Helix TV app
- Choose Storage
- Choose Clear data