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Looking to leave Videotron, can I use my Helix 2 Borne as a router with another company's modem


I can't find any mentions of this anywhere... How am I able to set up my helix 2 borne as a router only?


I know about bridge mode but that is if I want to use another router and use the helix 2 as a modem.


If I leave Vidéotron will the modem portion of the router stop working as the service is cancelled and the router will keep working? or will the whole thing not work as I am no longer with Vidéotron?


Thank you


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Good morning ynw93! If you have the Helix gateway, it will only work on our network. You can use it like it is or use the bridge mode but you need to stay with Videotron. Thank you! 

Just to confirm, you’re saying that I can’t bring a Helix modem/router to another provider and use only the router part of my helix?

Are you saying there’s no WAN port that would allow me to plug a modem and use the router part of the helix?

Bridge mode disables the router aspect but I think the question was a reverse scenario.

Aka what if they go with another provider and set the new provider modem/router in bridge mode and only have the Helix as a router to manage their home devices.

Can you confirm?

Hi Jon, have you found a way to make this happen? I am switching to Bell Giga Hub tomorrow and have bought a helix gateway a year ago so I would like to use it to extent or improve my home network that will now be runninng with Bell Fibe. Thanks!

Hi wildenrou,


I found this on reddit:


They say to switch "Wan Network" from "Auto" or "DOCSIS" to "Ethernet" under: Gateway > Connection > WAN Network and then plug the Ethernet cable from your modem into port 4 of the Helix Gateway (the port with the red mark).


I hope this helps!

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello MechWarrior!


This could work. However, many settings are not available when using the gateway's WebGUI ( and are only available through the Helix Fi app. If you no longer are with Videotron as a provider, you will not be able to log in the Helix Fi app. Therefore, you may not be able to configure the Gateway as you would a regular router. 


The Helix Gateway is designed and intended to be use with Videotron's Helix Internet service. Any other usage is not garanteed to work properly or at all. 


I hope this helps!




Salut Vincent on m’a dit que le hélix fit pouvait être utiliser sur un autre réseau comme pont? Sans être avec Vidéotron nécessairement. Peux tu confirmer ?

Hello. Trying to do the same. Have you been able to ?