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How to login to helix fi gateway?


How to login to helix fi gateway?

Hello I'm trying to figure out what the default password for the helix fi gateway is? I know the page is but ive tried several logins with no success


To access the Helix Fi Gateway you need to download the android or iPhone app and you be able to access the WIFI settings for the helix Gateway...the old way don't work with Helix from the's very easy in the app you can change password and set up all your devices etc...

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@Rezosh wrote:

Hello I'm trying to figure out what the default password for the helix fi gateway is? I know the page is but ive tried several logins with no success

ID : admin

PW : password

Unfortunately, unless I miss something, it's impossible to change advanced settings like DNS servers and stuff like that using the app.

I would like to be able at least to turn off the Wi-Fi so I can use my own router.
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Hi! You can absolutely use your own router. All those settings can be changed directly from the page (including turning off WiFi and enabling bridge mode). The HelixFi app doesn't have that kind of settings.


For me 

ID : admin

PW : password

Did not work,  I had to use...

ID : admin

PW : password written under my Helix-Fi gateway.

I was then able to connect and change the password to my own liking.

If I connect my own router to will the Pod's still work?

I tried the "admin"/"password" combination and did not work. I believe the "password written under my Helix-Fi gateway" is for the default wifi (under default SSID like "HELIX-17xx"). I tried it anyway using username "admin" and it did not work. I have also tried other strings under the bottom of the Helix router but none worked. I am pretty sure I haven't changed anything after the initial installation 1 week ago.


So any suggestions how to find the default username and password to access web admin UI?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi number666,


Regarding the Helix admin access, if admin and password are not working at all, you will need to factory reset the gateway so it can go back to admin and password. 


Behind the gateway ( the small and black tower ), there is a small RESET hole. Press and hold it for 30 seconds and you'll notice that the white light will disapear on top of the gateway.
Wait 10-15 minutes for the reset to be over and the white light will come back.
With a wired PC, go to this address:
You'll have a small configuration to do ( create your network name and WiFi password ).

Once it is done, connect to your WiFi network and also try your admin access with admin and password.


Thank you and Happy New Year!



so I do not want to reset my helix born to just reset the password.

is there Another way to do it ?

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The admin password of the Helix Gateway can only be reset by resetting the Gateway itself. 


Note that most settings, including the SSID and WPA Key, can be modified using the Helix-Fi web/mobile app, which does not require logging on the Gateway but on your Helix account instead. 


I hope this helps!




Okay thanks. But I found my password I just didint remember that I changed the password

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