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Why is Videotron not included as a service provider for most "Go" apps?

Why is it that many channels I pay for on my plan aren't accessible online through the channel's Go App? Videotron is hardly ever listed among the service providers. I've searched here for other inquiries into this matter, and I've only found one response from Videotron on the subject of the availability of "Go" apps through this service provider (Videotron). The response was given in 2017 and the list of apps is short. Perhaps it's time that Videotron supply us with a new, more comprehensive list of "Go" apps that are available to us for being a subscriber? It's almost 2020 - what with all the other options that are out there -  we will be soon looking for a service provider who offers us what we're looking for: Direct access, online, to the channels we are paying them for.


One last thing, from that 2017 list of "Go" apps made available to us by Videotron, I've only been able to successfully use two: A&E and Global




Good Day.


Not sure if it really answers your question but I downloaded the Videotron Illico App and by signing in I have access to all of my channels as well as a bunch of other stuff.  I can watch online or thru my tv, via my receivers, and, when away, even Chromecast.