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Upscaling and image quality

I just bought a 4K tv.

My only complaint about the Samsung PVR is that I can't deactivate upscaling to 4K. In the device parameters, I can only choose auto/4K. This setting automatically upscale ALL channel to 4K and I can't my TV native upscaling capabilities. I would like all channels to display in their native resolution and I would let my TV handle the upscaling if I want to.

Another problem (not related to the PVR) is the poor signal quality of a lot of channels. If I compare 1080p quality of the same show on Videotron or on a streaming service, Videotron signal is significantly worst. Not by a small margin!   I can't comment on 4K content (there is not much on Videotron yet).

- Does Videotron plan to add a "no upscaling" option to their PVR?
- Does Videotron plan to improve signal quality on their 720p and 1080p by using better CODEC and/or increasing bandwidth on channels?


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Super utilisateur

You should be able to change the output resolution in the Settings >Equipment settings > TV Picture resolution