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Tv freezes on Startup

I have had the Helix sysem for about three weeks. I have a problem that is very hard to describe that is happening about 1-2 times our of every 10 times I turn on the TV.

When I push power on the remote the TV turns on and the Helix box turns on as well. I can change channels, see the guide, pretty much do anything with the remote EXCEPT tha  the "overlay" on my screen that comes from my TV to tell me which HDMI input Im using that normally stays on screen for about 5 seconds stays on the screen forever (never goes waay) AND the volume controls from the helix remote will no longer work. If I push power off on the remote, everything shuts down BUT then the TV will not come back on, even if i press the physical power button on the TV it will not come back on. The only way is to unplug or restart the Helix Box then everything comes back as normal.

I have changed HDMI cables, then also changed the HDMI port to a different one.
I have a sony TV and have tried to play with the HDMI settings of the TV including turning off Bravia Sync.
I have re-paired the Helix remote about 10 times including trying different codes.

its apretty strange problem that is hard to solve, I hope someone can help.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! Does this happen with any other device connected in HDMI to the TV? (gaming console, blueray player, etc.)
If not, we suggest trying to check the EDID and HDCP settings of the TV. The names of these settings and menus may differ from model to model. HDCP must be at 2.0 and HDMI at 2.2 if you do have these settings. I would also suggest trying to turn off the CEC mode on the TV's settings as well. 

If this keeps happening after that, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support; preferably when the issue is present.

Thank you!