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Terminal frozen displaying 1057

My 4K PVR is frozen with "1057" on the display.  It doesn't respond to the remote or the power button.  When I unplug it and plug it in again it says "boot" for a few seconds and then shows "1057".  Does anyone know the significance of that number?  Browsing the web page I found some error codes but no mention of that number.


When the display changes from "boot" to "1057" the TV turns on, but says that the source isn't turned on.  So, apparently something happens on the HDMI cable, but it doesn't have a valid signal.



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You would be best to call technical support about this...

my guess would be it’s either a problem with the hard disk drive or problem with the signal... but there a good chance it’s something with the HDD... because if it was the signal, you would still be able to see something on the screen. 

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi wyhtmgm, regarding the 1057 error, we strongly suggest you reach our technical department like zadigre mentioned earlier: < >. That way, one of our agents will be able to access your account to make a few verifications with you. Thank you!

You're probably right.  I forgot to mention, my other PVR and internet are working so the signal's fine except for the unlikely possibility of a cable going bad.



Customer Service recognized the problem instantly.  All I had to do was boot with the HDMI cable unplugged.