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Limitations of adding movies/shows to favorites list


Using my TV remote, I can add movies/shows from my subscribed on-demand channels (like The Movie Network, HBO Canada, Super Channel, etc.) to a "favorites" list.  This is a great feature, as I can create a playlist of movies/shows that I can watch on-demand at any time.


The problem is that this list is limited to 30 items.  There's actually no way to discover this limitation other than attempting to add a 31st item, at which point the user receives an error message: "SERVER CONNECTION PROBLEM ... ERROR CODE: VOD315-07".


This is a very unclear error message.  It explains nothing at all to the end user, and Videotron developers would probably have to look up the error code as well to find out what it means.  A better error message would be something like: "FAVORITES LIST IS FULL /CANNOT ADD MORE THAN 30 ITEMS".


The other problem with this is, why a limit of 30?  That is an arbitrary number, and a rather small one.  In a family of 4 or more people with multiple TVs in the house, I can easily imagine 100+ movies/shows in a favorites list.


Is it possible for Videotron developers to increase the size of the favorites list for future firmware updates of the PVR/terminal?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello @dandre,


Our efforts are mainly focused on the upcoming launch of our IPTV service at this time however, we understand the inconvenience that this operation can cause you. We have taken note of your feedback to allow more items to the favourite list as well as a more explanatory error message when the maximum amount is reached and we will forward to the responsible team.  Unfortunately, we are unable provide any timeframe at the moment.  Thanks!