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Helix Remote - Fast Forward and Rewind Issue



After calling customer service, I was directed to the community. Overall, I am happy with Helix. However, I've been an experiencing an issue since day one with the remote particularly the forward and rewind features.


When I'm watching a recorded program or a live program, I find the forward/rewind feature is stiff compared to Illico, which used to be smoother. What I mean is it's not stopping as it's should.


For example, let's say I am watching a recorded show, I forward to the 1:00:00 mark. When I stop it at 1:00:00, it starts the show at 58:05. I forward again to 1:00:00 and it stops at 59:00. Sometimes, I have to keep doing this more than three or four times before it works (it either stops at the time I want or a second or two behind). This same concept applied to rewinding as well. I rewind back to let's say 57:00, but it will stop at 58:58.


I changed the batteries on the remote recently, but the issue persists. Any guidance and/or feedback on this would be appreciated. Thank you!


I’m having similar issues, it seems to be a bug with the Helix program. I also really miss the ability to ‘jump’ forward in small increments without using my voice, as well as the ability to use slow motion.