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View your Mobile Usage

This morning I noticed that the Mobile Usage screens have totally changed.

I find the new format is quite difficult to review my usage, for example, for calls I need to click a dropdown.

Suggest Videotron improve the data presentation, or even revert back to the old way!.




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you are correct... they changed the presentation... but for me, I like it better that way... 

the previous one was more "old school"... the new one is more modern. 

also, I find it's now easier to navigate on mobile... you don't need to zoom in/out to see the information you need. 


on mobile, the fastest way to check your usage is through the Espace Client app (not sure if the name is different in English).

you get the data usage for all your line (and home internet if you are with videotron on the first screen.

you can select your line to see more details. 



Thanks zadigre ...

Just to clarify ... I do not use the app for usage, but for example, I do see it also requires a tap to see voice details.

Previously the web version showed everything on one line.