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Samsung S6 Android update



My friend and I have the same cell phone Samsung S6 and he always receives the system update info before me. He's a client with Telus and Im Videotron : different provider, different timing ?? I don't understand why...  



Hi Cheerful, great question!


We love when our handset manufacturers update our Android devices to the latest operating system (Marshmallow, Nougat and the upcoming O) so that we may benefit from the latest features from Google. Before we allow the udpate to roll-out to our users we test the devices with these proposed updates so that we may flag bugs or errors associated with the update. Release timelines used to vary because carriers had different variants of the same commercial device which matched the carrier's network specification. These days newer devices launched in Canada are all the same regardless of the carrier (no more variants).


So once all the bugs and errors have been fixed in the validation stage of the update, the carrier then gives the manufacturers the go-ahead to release the update. For those newer devices, the updates normally roll-out for all canadian carriers at the same time ( set by the manufacturers) 🙂

Thank you @McFly that's pretty clear !!