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Sales rep lied about additional data on plan update.




I have been a videotron customer for nearly two years, on a BYOD plan. I have recommended videotron numerous times because of price, and good service. No longer. My current phone is nearly 4 years old, as it is dying I need to upgrade. 

I rang videotron to ask how much it would be to add a pixel 3a to my plan. The sales rep informed me that my BYOD discount would be removed to bring my plan up to full price, and the upfront cost would be $99. This was not unreasonable, but I noted that new customers did not have to pay $99 upfront charge. The rep then told me I would get an extra 2gb of data for the same price, 8gb from the previous 6gb. I was very happy, this was enough to commit me to adding the phone to my plan, and  I text my friends to let them know videotron was great offering 2 extra gbs of data.


Fast forward to today, I receive my contract via email, and it is the same 6gb plan with the phone added. No additional data. The sales rep blatantly lied to me.


I rang customer service today to ask what was going on, and the rep told me that I could only add the 2gb for more money. 


Unacceptable quite frankly. 


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello sdg, 


We are sorry to learn about this situation.  We will contact you via private message to sort this situation. 


Thank you!

This has now been resolved. The girl in complaints was very helpful. 


Thank you to videotron for valuing their customers.