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S9 plus exchange or refund available?


S9 plus exchange or refund available?

I pre ordered the Samsung s9 plus. This phone is awful. There are no updates, the call quality is horrible, no VoLTE support, can the phone be returned, exchanged or something for something that has current supported.

Edited to add MMS picture messages always fail to send the first time.
Community Manager

Hi @Jeffg1


Have you checked with Technical support regarding the problems you are mentionning, they might be able to help! 


Vincent Quigley

Your Community Manager

Hey! I called, I went into store and unfortunately the tech in store needed to Google the issue but because it wasn't reported by many users i'm out of luck.
Moderator - Solution Expert

We would like to verify this situation with you. If possible, send us a phone number in a private message and an expert will contact you as soon as possible.




- Gabriel

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