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I recently just switched from Rogers to Videotron, and Rogers had recently announced in February the roll out of RCS (Rich Communication Service) from Google, made available to all android phones. Does Videotron plan to offer this service?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Richard,


For the moment we can confirm that this service is unavailable on our network. We can also add that we are currently working with several key players of the industry in order to add this standard on our network and create a better experience in terms of SMS messaging for all of our mobile service customers.


Thank you for your interest and have a nice day,

Any updates on this?

Any update ?!?

I have the S8+ and it seems RCS ahs been enabled on my phone. Lookign through my contact list I can see who else has RCS services as well.

Hey evoMR, can you send me a screenshot of that? I have a pixel 2 and the wife a s8, I don't know what to check.


@DanielDcan you provide updates on the situation/status with RCS?

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if it's like support for the LTE Apple Watch, we may have to wait a very long time to finally get RCS.


that said, is it really necessary to have RCS?

I do understand what RCS has to offer... but with all the messaging apps available, who needs RCS now?

iMessages on iPhone works really well... it has SMS as a fallback when iMessages is not available. 

Other messaging apps works perfectly too... I use Facebook Messenger a lot to communicate with my familly... and I have friends that are using Whatsapp nearly exclusively. 

So for me and the persons I know, RCS would have very little to no impact at all.