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Plan Renewal


Plan Renewal

is It possible to keep my current plan at the end of my contract and still
Upgrade my phone or is the only way if I pay the full amount of a new phone. Really don’t want to lose my 15gb of data.

As much as I like videotron services, they will probably want you to have a plan that has a minimum price to get a new device on a contract. Chances are its minimum 60 to 70 a month. The more you spend the bigger the rebate on the phone.

Hi @Branden514


It's always possible to keep your rebated plan even when you switch phones. However, it's possible that if you want the latest devices at their full rebate a minimum monthly amount will be required like @Jeffg1 mentionned. 


You can see all of our current mobile devices here


In order to have the exact answer in regards to your account, I would suggest you contact us by phone or go to one of our stores: Contact us


Thank you for your understanding!


Vincent Quigley

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You can keep it as long as it is above the amount to purchase a new phone.

I have kept mine (14 gig for 66$)  and I have upgraded to the pixel 2xl for 300$. It is perfect.


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