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Incoming text messages abroad

I am currently abroad in France and was wondering if incoming text messages from Canada would cost me money. I found this support page that says that text messages are 30¢/message but doesn't specify if that also applies to incoming text massages like it does for the roaming inside the US. I also found this support page that says incoming text messages are free, but it's for Videotron Business so I'm not sure if it also applies for non-business clients.


Any help with this is appreciated,



Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi DeanSabbah


When you are outside of Canada, you can receive unlimited texts from anywhere in the world without being charged. 


If you text back, make or receive calls while being outside of Canada (France or anywhere else), you will be charged as you will be in a roaming situation. In this case, there would be two options ;  if you have a plan that is compatible with our daily traveler's pass and the option is active in your account, you will be charged $14 for a 24-hour period, during which you will be able to text, call and use your data without additionnal fees (as long as the calls you make are within the country you are visiting or towards Canada - any other calls would be charged). If you do not use the daily traveler's pass, you will be charged according to the roaming fees the country you visit generates. 


You can find more information on the daily travaler's pass right here :

For other roaming fees while the daily traveler's pass is deactivated :


For more questions or assistance, I cordially invite you to contact our Business department during the weekdays from 8h to 18h at 1 800 561-4248. 


Have a good trip ! 🙂