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Fido LG G4 on Videotron network...

Unlocked Fido G4....calls work, SMS works, but data does not work...why not?

Super utilisateur
Super utilisateur

Well there are a few things to check here.


1- The basics, is data activated on your phone?

2- Is there a restriction placed in the account by accident (possible)

3- Is the phone using the correct apn in the settings? (settings -> more -> mobile networks -> Acces Point Name )

----- The APN should be "" with some other details in it


I would also try giving technical support a call when you have a chance if you don't see the issue yourself. (try calling from an other phone that way the G4 will be free)

Thanks Kira. Your latter solution was the key - call tech support. It turns out that I had the wrong type of SIM card (wasn't even aware that was possible) and the tech was able to diagnose that and referred me to a Videotron outlet. Got the proper SIM card, and data works now. Yay!