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Videotron started DOCSIS 3.1 deployment 4 years ago. When can we expect faster upload?


DOCSIS 3.1 deployment started in 2016, and by now, every new installation should have a DOCSIS 3.1 capable modem, whether it's a Helix plan or not. DOCSIS 3.1 also supports upload speeds up to 1 Gbps.


Given all this, when can we expect to actually see these sorts of speeds with Videotron? Right now, no matter how much you pay or how badly it's needed, you are not able to get more than 50 mbps upload. This is probably fine for a good portion of people, but given the pandemic, it's absolutely not fine for many software developers and content creators who are now forced to work from home. Uploads that would take only a few minutes in the office now take upwards of half an hour, completely gutting my productivity through something completely out of my control. This is especially embarassing when other ISPs are offering symmetric gigabit speeds, while videotron can't even offer gigabit in a single direction.


You have the infrastructure in place, the technology already exists, when can we start expecting more modern speeds?



1 year later, still no news of Videotron giving a darn about increasing their upload speeds, makes me regret getting their service in my new house and being stuck on what is basically a 2 year contract until this Helix box is paid off. When it is finally paid off I think I'll be calling up Bell and going with Fibe to get a real connection, as much as I absolutely hate Bell...