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Port Fowarding Helix FI App


I have spent the better part of January 2024 trying to setup port forwarding on a handful of PC's. All are connected to the Helix Technicolor CGM4140COM either through a switch or directly via RJ45 patch cable(s). Having been a Videotron / Helix customer for a number of years I have always known this process to be nightmarish. Three of the five devices that require ports to be forwarded are nowhere to be found when attemtpting to configure PF manually. By nowhere I am referring to both Connected Devices / Online Devices - Private Network and Offline Devices. What I find odd is that most of the devices that are available and "Connected to your WiFi" happen to be wireless devices.


If only the app allowed for manual entry of the device's IP address directly when going to WiFi / Advanced settings / Port forwarding / Add Port Forward. Instead of Select the device for this port forward.


Your time, patience, and assistance will be greatly appreciated.




Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! Our technical support cannot assist you with port forwarding aside from guiding you to the right menu which you seem to have found already. We will however note your comment about the process for future improvements.
Thank you

I just want to reply in support of the original poster and add that its borderline ridiculous that the app doesnt let us simply enter an ip adress to port forward to. It seems like a very simple feature to implement and has been available in every single other provider ive used. 

What they've done is obvious. They simply want to discourage Port Forwarding period. Especially, targeting those hobbyists who setup their own homelabs. I ended up having to spend my own money on an Asus router