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How many devices Helix Internet allows connected at the same time?

Hi community,

I've been looking for this info in Videotron pages without success, I wonder if you can help me.

I have been thinking about switching to Helix Internet, but we are a big family, how many devices maximum does Helix internet allow connected at the same time?



Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert



I was recently talking to a Videotron technician about another issue and he brought up that he has 20 devices hooked up to a 400 Mbps Helix terminal. I told him this surprised me as the website says something about up to 12 devices for the 400Mbps Helix service and up to 9 on the 100 Mbps Helix. I thought these were limits set by Videotron but according to the technician they are simply recommendations and you can actually add as many devices as your connection can handle. This was a relief to me as all told I have 20 devices connected to my 100Mbps illico router (15 wifi and 5 ethernet). The limit of 12 devices that I thought existed was one reason I was hesitant to switch to Helix. 


Helix routers are by default configured to have 254 ipV4 addresses for devices. This would around 254 devices. You can change the subnet-mask and this  will expand the number of devices that can be registered with the router.