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Helix not handing out IP addresses (DHCP issue)


Since Friday, our Helix is not handing out IP addresses anymore (over DHCP).

Restarting the Helix did not help.

As a workaround, we have manually configured the IPv4 address, subnet mask, gateway IP, and DNS IPs on our laptops (Windows and Linux). This works for now.


Anybody else have this problem? Would be nice to get it fixed.



Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! We recommend doing a default settings reset on the gateway and not changing the DHCP nor any other IP assignment setting on it after. Here's how;

if you have the white gateway;

Hold the WPS button at the back of the gatway until the light blinks green (about 60 seconds)
Wait until the LED blinks white. (this can take several minutes)

If you have the black gateway;

Insert a pencil or paperclip in the reset button
Hold until the LED indicator turns off (30 seconds)
Wait until the LED blinks white.

And then you ca reconfigure the WiFi this way;

Open the Helix Fi app on a mobile
Press on ''Account'' on the top left
press on ''activate a gateway'' or ''add a gateway''
press on start
press on ''use camera'' and then scan que QR code under the gateway
make sure the settings chosen are ok with you and then press on finish
wait for the configuration to complete, this can also take several minutes

If the issue persists after, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support directly;
Have a nice day!


Thanks. For some reason I never got a notification for your reply.
Turns out the issue was something else though. We had another router acting as a wired Ethernet switch for the one device we have that was still on a wired connection. That router had been misbehaving since a few days (dropping connections). So on a hunch, I unplugged it and now the DHCP problem is resolved. I suspect the misbehaving router had gone rogue and started handing out DHCP responses, or something. Our previously-wired device is now on the Helix WiFi same as our other devices, and works just fine. With the older WiFi, it did not perform well, but the Helix WiFi is clearly much stronger.