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EMG2926 as a wireless repeater for ASUS router




Is it possible to use the EMG2926 as a repeater for an ASUS router ? Based on the manual it seems the main router needs to also be a Zyxel EMG2926 in "Root AP mode". Or can it be any other brand? 


My situation is I want to connect a PC with an ethernet cable to the EMG2926 which would connect wirelessly as a repeater to my main router (ASUS), giving my wired PC access to the Internet and to my Wifi LAN. 


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Seeing all the bad comments on this router, the EMG2926 has a lot of problems... 

if you already have an Asus router and this router is AiMesh capable, I would buy an other Asus router with AiMesh.

This will be very easy to manage... and will do exactly what you want while extending your main wifi network to the AiMesh node.