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Does Videotron have a wireless home phone solution?

Hello I am a Videotron customer for home phone. My wiring in the home has become defective and causes static on the line.

Other operators are able to offer a home phone using a wireless conection. This would enable me to have the wireless access near the home phone and bypass the bad wiring.


I am hoping that the wireless home phone costs less than replacing the phone.

Does Videotron have a wireless home phone.


Super utilisateur
Super utilisateur

There is no wireless phone solution available currently


What you could also do is plug your main phone base and plug it directly in the telephone 1 or 1/2 outlook in the back of the modem, should already be a phone wire in there so simply remove and put phone there.


It will bypass the wall lines and make it so that set on phones (main base + all extra handhelds) will work.

Is the wireless home phone something that Videotron is working on? It would be great for someone who lives in Ottawa and cannot sign up for a videotron landline.