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Change my phone???

Videotron is telling me I have to change my phone to "avoid any unpleasant surprises" Thing is, my phone, an LG6, works fine and I don't WANT to change it!!! I'm a senior and can't take any hassle.  I use my phone for very little - just ordinary phone calls, mostly local, and don't travel. So will my phone still work? What "unpleasant surprises" are they threatening me with?  Do I HAVE to change my phone to stay with Videotron?  Thanks for your advice!


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello ! 


The message you received is mostly to make sure that your cellphone is compatible with the VOLTE service which helps to provide a stronger signal to your phone so your calls go through and are clear.  

Lots of our clients currently have quite old phones that still works on the 3G technology. 

The message is mostly for them.

This technology of signal transmission (3G) will be removed from all of Canada next year and has already been removed in the USA, causing some issues to our snowbirds with old phones. 


This message is only a friendly reminder to come and talk to us to verify if your cellphone will be able to survive the removal of the 3G technology. 


I hope this helps you understand the situation. 


Please come and talk to us in private so we can verify your device. You mentionned it's a LG 6, but there are many LG models with the number ''6'' in them. 


Thank you ! 



I understood.     Videotron sold me the phone, so I assumed they would know the model already!