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week signal on channel 614 only


week signal on channel 614 only

Channel 614 the HD City tv in  Montreal is the only station that appears to have distortions and buzz. the low def channel 14 is fine. Videotron tech on the phone said yes there appears to be a problem, but doesn't know why. Does anyone have an answer? Thanks


Does it happen all the time? Last night I compared the videotron audio to the over-the-air audio of the same station and found no difference. Maybe it's the station's problem? I get audio drop-outs from that station and many others too. But that seems to be another problem.

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Is the issue still happening right now ? If anything, tech support can check if the channel does the same thing on their end. They'll be able to see where the issue is, and act accordingly.


Rebooting a terminal can also always help! Here's how:


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