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soundbar and Helix

Hello - I am new to Helix TV - I had Bell Fibe in my previous home and had no problems. This HELIX  TV system has been frustrating so far.


We have a soundbar which plugs into out TV - it works perfectly when we watch Netflix of YouTube etc...  When we watch HELIX tv - the soundbar seems to disrupt EVERYTHING.  Pages wont load, blackouts, soudn and display are delayed, recordings don't play... every move is EXTREMELY slow.....


As soon as we unplug it - everything is fine. 


Why?  How can we watch HELIX TV with our soundbar on? 

Thanks for any help you can provide.


What make/model TV do you have? What kind of soundbar is it? 


We have a Samsung Smart TV and a Sonos soundbar. I haven't had any issues getting it to work with Helix. The soundbar is plugged into the HDMI ARC port on the TV.

Thank you for the idea. I will check the connection.