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Sleep Timer - Helix

Before Helix, on my previous Illico remote there was a sleep function whereby the tv would shut off. You could select the shut off time in 15 min increments. Please tell me there is such a function on the Helix remote.... where ?? I fall asleep w the tv on all the time !!
thanks 😊


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

According to our indications, there is currently no scheduled sleep function that you can customize according to a similar delay, however we take note of it in order to improve the available features.


The closest feature is the power saver options which, when enabled, will power down the terminal when  inactive for 4 hours.


You can check the power options using the remote control's Helix button, choose the gear symbol on the right then "Devices Settings" followed by "Power Preferences. You can also reach these options by using the voice commands:" Sleep mode "or "Power preferences".



Thank you. I really hope to see that feature back...