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Noisey 4K unit


Replaced my old HD unit with the Samsung 4K UHD PVR.  The unit is located in my bedroom and I have noticed that it produces a constant noise even when the unit is turned off.  Sounds like the clicking and spinning of a hard drive or the fan.  Is this typical of PVR units to alwas be running in the background ?


Mine does the same. I did return the first one to Best Buy. However, the second does still have that constant ticking sound from the hard drive. Did you get any response from anyone about this issue? I'm thinking of returning this one and opting for a non pvr 4k terminal.

I was in a videotron boutique and listened to one of the units that was on display.   I am thinking that the fan might have an issue.  I will return the unit that I have and get another one to see.   either way I will keep the unit but move it to another room. 


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello @ENGML and @gman2018,

A PVR will always generate more noise than a receiver that does not record due to the hard drive at any time. If the unit is installed in a bedroom, it will also be more noticeable in complete silence compared to a room where there is more noise and activity. It is also recommended that you make sure that the unit is in an unobstructed area and that it is not in a cabinet or a location that acts as a sound box. You could also restart the device by disconnecting it from the electric current for a few moments and see if that helps. Of course, there are also possible hardware problems that could be involved.  If needed, our technical support can check this situation in more detail with you:

Thank you!

Thanks for the responses. I did the same at a Vidéotron store to listen to their unit...same noise but in a crowded room seems less noticeable. Mine was in an open area...not obstructed as well. But in a silent living room I can hear it in my kitchen. While watching tv, during silent scenes, it’s extremely noticeable. Maybe I just hear too well! And it’s something that annoys me. So I am returning the 2nd Samsung pvr and decided to go with the technicolor non pvr 4K terminal. Recording shows or pausing live tv is something I rarely do. I much rather have a quieter terminal with the same great image quality rather than listen to that constant HD spinning. Should receive it tomorrow.