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How to Block YouTube application on Helix TV


How to Block YouTube application on Helix TV

Good day all, I would like to know if there was a way to block YouTube on the Helix TV app. This is an option I would like to lose seeing that I can control how much YouTube time is spent on laptops or tablets but not on Helix TV.

Thank you

Moderator - Solution Expert

Greetings edillons!


It is possible to block access to apps included in the Helix TV service by going through the settings menu on your Helix TV terminal (you will need to do this on every Helix TV terminal you have): 


1. Helix button

2. Settings (cog icon)

3. Parental Control

4. Choose a parental control level and PIN number if desired

5. Application Locks 

6. Select the application you wish to restrict 


I hope this helps!




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