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How does the PVR work?

I just got my illico PVR. 


Can someone explain how to record a new show please?


Is there a button on the remote?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi ForestB,


You can record a "live" Tv Show using the REC button on the remote. You can also program recordings from the Program Guide, by selecting the content and pressing OK/Select on the illico remote.

You can also access our Help Portal from the main menu of your illico, or go to, where you’ll find instructional videos and answers to the most frequently asked questions. To access the Help Portal from the illico TV main menu, press “MENU” on your remote control, select “My illico,” then select “What’s new.”


You will find more about the program guide here : and about the Multi Room PVR :


Have a great day!