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Helix does not work at all

I have had helix system for 4 days now and Videotron cannot resolve the issue of me getting the channels I want. They have no fix for it or solution and they can only get me a technician in 2 weeks because they are to busy installing new clients instead of taking Care if there existing clients. They call is the “helix experience “ oh it an experience all right an experience that does not work... also my billing is wrong and all my preferences are wrong... it’s full of bugs they launched it prematurely . Do not get it!

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Gzeghaib,


Considering the situation, we have sent you a private message.


Thank you

Did you ever receive your channels?  My Helix was installed today but I did not receive the channels I ordered.  All I have is the basic channels.


My installer called technical services to inquire why I do not have my channels.  He was told they are working on it.  The call was on speaker and that was what I heard.  4 hours later, no channels.  Now I am told I have to wait until tomorrow.