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Flash survey: How do you watch TV?

Rédacteur Web

I'm curious to know how you are currently consuming your TV content?


Are you the "zapping" type on live TV? Do you prefer to record all your favorite shows so you can listen to them without intermission? Are you the king of binge watching with video-on-demand? Do you listen to all your content on your mobile phone with an app? or do you have other TV consumption habits?


And does the rest of your family have the same habits?


Now is the right time to discuss! We want your opinion on the subject.

Vincent Quigley
Your Community Manager



I sometimes watch live, but sometimes I record and watch.  Sometimes there's no choice, if I'm not home when the show is on I have to record it.  If I'm home and have the choice, I normally watch a show live, but I often pause it while I leave the room, or replay something I didn't hear right the first time, so I'm a few minutes behind and not really live anymore.


No video-on-demand, no watching on my mobile phone.  My only other TV consumption habit is that since an online streaming company got exclusive rights to some soccer games I now have to watch them by streaming instead of watching them on TSN.  Which is why I went over my internet limit last month for the first time ever.


record almost everything. too many friggen commercials-way too many-even pop ups now during the show-ridiculous. doesn't always work out though, sometimes the PVR has a mind of it's own. will record shows for 1 minute, a few seconds etc-who knows what this box is thinking !


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