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Delay between mutiple Helix TV boxes



I have 6 Helix TV boxes and I noticed that there is a huge delay in the signal from one box to the other. Watching the same channel on two or more different Helix TV you notice that thay are not synced. There is a delay between them. WHY. They should all be showing the same things at the same time when watching a show, all Helix TV boxes should recieve the same signal. (No the distance to the hub does not matter I checked). Also why there is a delay when using Helix TV versus regular coax cable.

Thank you.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert


Contrary to illico which uses a continuous video stream through a coaxial signal, Helix uses IP TV which works in a similar was as streaming Video on the internet. Because of this, each terminal will make a request to the server to access the content instead of hooking on a continuous stream. Depending on multiple factors linked to this way to access the content, there can be a delay in the playback between each terminal of a same home. 

Hope this answers your question! 🙂


I noticed the same thing and was wondering why is it the box sold by videotron that are the slowest?! I looked at a game on my phone and on the tv (that is connected to tbe videotron boxe) and my iphone was showing the content 13 seconds ealier than the videotron box!