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Customer center error message after changing TV package

I called customer service this morning to change my TV package. Now, on my TV I can see that the channels have been changed. But when I go to the customer center on Videotron's website and check my current TV service, it still shows my old package. When I click on "Change your channels" it says: "ERROR   A request has already been recorded in your account. To make any additional changes, please contact Customer Service". Is this just temporary because the website hasn't been updated, or has there been some kind of problem changing to a different package?


Rédacteur Web

There's normally a 24 hour delay before our system update your account after a channel change. The signal for the new channel however should be pushed directly to your terminal granting you access to the new channel right away.


Was there a specific reason why you wanted to verify in the Customer centre or was it just to make sure everything was good?


Vincent Quigley 

Your Community Manager

I just checked my account and everything is good. It shows the new package and I don't get that error message when I click on "Change my channels".

Mainly I wanted to change a couple of the channels I'd selected. They were channels I had before but never watched, so thought I'd change them to something else.