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Your consent is required for us to proceed to any updates

Your consent is required for us to proceed to any updates to the applications on your devices. By doing so, you will be able to continue to enjoy Videotron’s services to the fullest.

Learn more about Canada’s anti-spam legislatioCONSENT TO UPDATE THE APPLICATIONS ON YOUR DEVICESn
I consent to the update of the applications on my devices by Videotron.

Unfortunately, your selection was not saved. Please login again and try later.

Why is my selection nor saved, same thing each login.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi @vlwsxsql


This request will normally be made only once then saved in your account profile. A difficulty in sending the request on the browser side is possible, you could also try your connection to the Customer Centre then accept this request using a different Web browser or another equipment. Deleting the browsing history for "cookie" files and website data may also be a possible solution, although this will obviously erase some of the information your browser stores for any websites previously visited. 


If this persists, we suggest contacting customer service or technical support who may also register your consent to the updates. You will find our contact information here: