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What happened to the automatic 'invoice ready' reminder?

I switched to paperless billing years ago and always received an email notice when the invoice was issued. This stopped in January for Helix and our regular accounts and I was late to pay one. I have 'chatted' with them, gone to a Videotron store, and called. This is supposed to be automatic for everyone who is paperless. No one seems able to fix it, and this is a super high tech company. I cannot fathom why. Anyone else have this problem and was it solved?  


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Michel! 


This situation may be caused by your e-mail provider blocking the billing notification. Have you checked in your inbox's "spam" folder? Another possible solution would to change the Email address to which your invoice notification is sent (such as switching from a Hotmail to a Gmail, for example). 


If this does not fix the issue, do not hesitate to pester our Technical Support as we can only resolve an issue that we are aware of. If an issue is not resolved after an initial contact, our representatives have multiple options to push further, including contacting their help desk or even escalating to the technical satisfaction team.


I hope this helps! 




Thank you and I will pester them again if no reminder email comes in April. I have the dates when both bills are issued and will be on the lookout for them. I did check the spam folder, and the email address works fine as I get Helix news and other mailings from Videotron without issue.  Thank you again, hope this will be solved soon!