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Videotron is sending emails like spam !!!

Can you, Videotron stop sending same emails for 6 times? I thought Videotron have pro people working, but I see just kids. When you send an email regarding billing it is enough one time if is the same thing that you want to transmit, do not send 6 times. Hire proffesionals to do the job if you're not capable !!! But I guess your criteria to hire is politically....Shame...


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what makes you believe that Videotron sent the same email multiple times?


I've seen some bugs in the past for emails with Videotron's servers would make you to receive the same email multiple times even if it was sent just once. 

Post problem were cause by a messed up outlook and after reconfiguring all from scratch, it was fine. 

I've been a customer of Videotron for 3 months now, and moments ago I once again received the "Important Information about your first invoice" email. That's at least 7 or 8 times I've received it, and as I said, I'm on month 3. It's extremely annoying.


So I have no doubt they are receiving similar things.

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This is definitively not normal. You should report it to Vidéotron.

That said, did you receive all emails in one shot or you were getting the same email when doing a send/receive?
Also, is your email sent to a Vidé address or different provider?
I would be curious to check the emails headers to see if it’s really videotron’s fault or some other server somewhat resending the same email again and again.

The emails were weeks apart, sent to my gmail address. I don't have them any more.


Looks like they figured it out, a few days ago I got a regular 'your invoice is ready' email.

I am not surprise that is why I am with virgin now