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I have used the Illico online TV guide to program and manage my 4 Illico boxes. Now it appears that Videotron has discontinued the service and is trying to force Helix down my throat. Helix is an interesting system but I am invested in Illico. The Helix TV app does not work with the Illico system. I consider this a reduction of my service. I wonder how much they are willing to reduce my bill? I wonder what the CRTC has to say?


Thank you and agreed. I just downloaded the Helix app, and I can no longer access my recordings on my DVR, or record a show. This was a really important part of the package. VIDEOTRON: How will you be supporting our needs moving forward? I am not prepared to move to Helix, as posted elsewhere, there is a key integration to Alexa that will no longer be possible (aka voice commands to control Cable). This is very disappointing.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi CosmoChick and satkin, 

We have migrated our customers to the Helix TV App so that you benefit from a constantly improved and updated application. We are sorry that the remote recording feature is not available anymore, however rest assured that you still have access to it directly on your PVR. 

Note that you can check the guide, view your content and use the the new “Download and Go” feature through the Helix TV App.

Thank you for your understanding, have a nice day!

This is extremely unfortunate. My mother cannot see well enough to record her own TV programs so I used to program the for her from my own home (which is an hour away). So now I can't do that and so she does not have access to recorded shows.

Hi susanjm, 


We can completely understand, indeed, it's a very useful feature. However, due to a system limitation, it is no longer possible for illico customers to schedule recordings remotely via the new app. That said, if this feature was particularly important to you, it's still available for Helix customers. If you wish to have a Helix quote, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service over the phone, by chat or directly through Facebook Messenger or Twitter if you have an account. 


That said, our goal is not to impose Helix on customers who do not want it. That said, it is important to know that the technology is evolving rapidly, which is among other things why we have decided to focus our efforts on single platform Since Helix uses newer technology, it is easier to adapt the application so that recordings can be done remotely. 




This is very disappointing that the remote recording is no longer available for illico customers. I used to use this feature often and now I am very disappointed that this feature is no longer available. Why can't we use the previous illico app, it was working fine the way it was.